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About Winterglaze

Winterglaze Secondary Glazing provides the benefits of Double Glazing without the high price tag!

Traditional single glass pane windows in New Zealand homes are often draughty with gaps around the sash and causing significant heat loss occurring through the glass panes. Winterglaze Secondary Glazing has been designed to operate on the inside of your single glazed windows to effectively reducing heat loss by sealing off drafts and improving thermal insulation.

Winterglaze Secondary Glazing also provides significant noise control – often more effectively than factory produced double glazing units. And of course an idea unique to Winterglaze - in the summer our sliding glazing units can be removed and replaced with our specially designed sliding insect screens!

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Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing – for a Warmer Home in Winter!

Everyone wants a healthy, warm home environment for their families. It is widely accepted that the cost of the energy to heat New Zealand homes will continue to increase over the next few years. However traditional windows in New Zealand homes allow significant heat loss to occur, through the single glass window panes, up to 50%!

The Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing System fits into your existing windows and replaces your single pane of glass with a high quality Insulated Glazing Unit (IGU) completely integrated into your aluminium joinery.

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