keeps your home warm during winter

How it Works

Secondary Glazing

How Does Winterglaze Secondary Glazing Work?

Whether your windows are timber or aluminium, the Winterglaze thermal spacer provides a separation between the original window and the secondary glazing unit, whilst also allowing ventilation of the cavity.  This substantially increases thermal insulation which decreases heat loss through the window. This patent pending design feature reduces fogging and eliminates infill distortion – common problems with many other secondary glazing products - while still allowing easy removal for cleaning.

Secondary Glazing is installed from inside your window giving an option for double glazing of windows not on the ground level - eliminating the need for scaffolding or specialised equipment to access windows on buildings over one story high.

A sliding screen, with a colour matched metal handle and integrated interlocking edge, allows you to open either sliding or opening awning type windows.



Winterglaze Secondary Glazing with Thermal Spacer


Reduces noise through acoustic isolation