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Advantages of Retrofit Double Glazing

Condensation Reduction

When used in conjunction with adequate ventilation, Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing will result in significant improvements in the level of condensation forming on windows.

Colour Matched to Your Window Joinery

Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing has no visual impact from the inside or the outside, as it blends in with your existing joinery. The outer frame is made from high quality extruded aluminium, which is then powder-coated in a wide range of Dulux colours backed up by a 10 Year Warranty against fading or discoloration.

Acoustic Isolation

Standard Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing can reduce the noise through windows, by up to 25%. If a high performance Winterglaze IGU is installed this improvement can be up to 60%.

A Sensible Investment

Most new homes built today include double glazing as a standard specification - and many prospective home buyers are looking specifically for this feature.

By installing Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing, which operates as efficiently as new complete double glazed joinery, you are enhancing the potential re-sale value of your home.

Quality Assurance

Winterglaze IGU’s are custom-made in New Zealand by approved members of IGUMA – Insulated Glass Unit Manufacturers Association and tested in accordance with international standard – EN1279. 

Winterglaze Extrusions are surface finished by a Registered Architectural Powder Coating Applicator.

Custom-Made and Professionally Installed

The nationwide network of Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing Manufacturers and Installers provide a local measure, manufacture and installation service. Drawing on years of experience in the glazing and/or aluminium screen industry, they will ensure that the right configuration of Winterglaze product is selected for your home.



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Retrofit Double Glazing can reduce window condensation