keeps your home warm during winter

How it Works

How Does Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing Work?

A single glass window pane is a very efficient heat conductor, rapidly transferring heat from the inside of your home to the outside environment. The Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing System installs a double pane of glass - with a pocket of air sealed in the middle - into your existing joinery system.

It is the separation of the two pieces of glass by air (or other specialty gases) which improves the insulation properties of the window dramatically - thereby reducing heat transfer.

Our high quality New Zealand manufactured Insulated Glass Units can reduce heat loss through windows by over 70%, if specialty gases such as Argon are combined with specialty Low Emissivity Glass in the finished unit.


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Single Pane windows are a great conductor of heat - Retrofitted double glazed windows help to eliminate this

Double Glazing Concepts warmer in winter

Retrofit Double Glazing keeps the warmth in and the cold out of your house