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Case Study

Juralco Aluminium Building Products

Juralco is a privately owned New Zealand company based in Auckland and Christchurch.  For the last 12 years, the head office and manufacturing plant was based in Auckland’s North Shore, but moved in 2012 to be onsite with their Powder coating factory in West Auckland.

The refit of the offices at the Powder coating plant was designed by Logan architects, with specific requirements for a modern and pleasant environment, conducive with an office setting, in an industrial plant.  Top priority was therefore noise reduction and temperature control. 

Winterglaze Secondary Glazing was specified for the dual benefits of acoustic isolation and decreasing heat transfer through single pane windows.  This was particularly beneficial for the large windows directly above the factory floor, which are situated in the office area. 

Winterglaze’s design means that it provides significant noise control (often even more than a factory new double –glazed unit), through the thermal spacer

With a large space between the secondary glazing unit and original single pane window, acoustic isolation was enhanced from installation of the first of the four windows.  Noise levels have been noticeably reduced in the office, with one staff member commenting “what a difference the Winterglaze has made - the noise is in the background now and not noticeable".


  • Factory and office shot
  • Installation 7
  • Installation 15
  • Installation 6