keeps your home warm during winter

Retrofit Double Glazing Options

Air or Argon Gas – Your Choice

Our standard Insulated Glass Units (IGU's) are manufactured with an air space between the two panes. You can choose however to improve the performance of the Winterglaze unit, by upgrading to Argon Gas.

Argon is an inert, naturally occurring and relatively dense gas – much denser than air. The insulating performance of a Winterglaze unit filled with Argon Gas rather than air is significantly better – see the table to the left.

Either Standard or Low–E Glass

Winterglaze IGU’s are normally manufactured out of standard clear glass, with thethickness dependant on amongst other things the size of the glazing unit. Low Emissivity Glass (Low-E Glass) is manufactured with a completely transparent specialty coating on one side.

This coating has reflective properties and when used in an IGU, it is designed to reflect radiant heat back into your home, further reducing heat loss through your windows.


Single Glazed vs Double Glazed joinery (on the right)

Winterglaze table2

Heat Loss Reduction - IGU Type table


Retrofit Double Glazing can be colour matched to existing joinery