keeps your home warm during winter

Advantages of Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing

Some of Advantages of Secondary Glazing

Acoustic Isolation

Winterglaze secondary glazing can significantly reduce the noise through windows, especially when installed with an air gap of 100mm between the existing window and the Winterglaze units. Laminated glass can improve noise reduction still further.

Winter Warmth

Unique to Winterglaze, our patent pending thermal spacer provides a thermal break and cavity ventilation, between the existing window and the Winterglaze units, significantly reducing heat loss through windows.

Glass or Acrylic - Your Choice

You choose the infill solution that works best for your home. While our optical grade glazing acrylic is a first choice for many, others prefer either Clear Glass or Low E Glass.  In many instances this will provide a superior level of thermal comfort, compared to many new factory manufactured double glazed window joinery.

Colour Matched to Your Window Joinery

Once installed, Winterglaze Secondary Glazing has minimal visual impact as it blends in with your existing joinery. The outer frame is made from high quality extruded aluminium and is then powder-coated in a wide range of Dulux colours, backed by a 10 Year Warranty against fading or discoloration.

Removal For Cleaning

While we recommend our fixed units are permanently installed, they are easily clipped off the Winterglaze Thermal Bead for cleaning, if required. Our sliding units can be simply removed by lifting them out of their tracks.

Smart Thinking in Winter and Summer

Exclusive to the Winterglaze Secondary Glazing system is our range of integrated insect screens.  During the summer you can remove your sliding Winterglaze unit and replace it with an insect screen, which slides in the same tracks.

At the beginning of winter the insect screen comes out and the secondary glazing unit pops back in!

Condensation Reduction

When used in conjunction with adequate ventilation, Winterglaze secondary glazing will result in a noticeable decrease in levels of condensation forming on windows.

Aluminium or Timber Window Joinery - It makes no Difference

Many secondary glazing systems suit either timber or aluminium windows system better than the other, Winterglaze Secondary Glazing has been optimized for both!

We still have the features of secondary glazing that suits timber windows, but the added benefit of a true ventilated thermal break and colour matched aluminum frame also makes it an ideal solution for aluminium windows.

Energy Efficiency in Cooler Climates

Recent New Zealand academic studies point to the use of aluminium secondary glazing systems, with Low-E Glass, as providing one of the most cost effective ways, in cooler climates, of retrofitting a home both in terms of return on initial investment and levels of thermal energy efficiency.  *N Smith 2010.  Victoria School University of Architecture.  For an article summarising the report click here.

Custom-made and Professionally installed

The nationwide network of Winterglaze Secondary Glazing dealers provide a local measure, manufacture and installation service.

Drawing on (in most instances), years of experience in the aluminium screen and/or glazing industry, they will ensure that the right configuration of Winterglaze product is selected for your home.

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Winterglaze Secondary glazing decreases heat loss through windows in the family home

Installation 15 lr2

Winterglaze Secondary glazing is easily installed and removal is just as simple


Winterglaze Secondary glazing tracks can be used for optional insect screens in the summer